The Joker Trailer Is Here And It Is Unlike Any Other Villain Story You've Ever Seen
The Joker Trailer Is Here And It Is Unlike Any Other Villain Story You’ve Ever Seen

The film focuses on the Joker’s past and looks into what made him the psychotic villain he eventually became

The first teaser trailer for Todd Phillips’ upcoming standalone movie starring Joaquin Phoenix’s puts a whole new take on the iconic villain. The film seems to be unlike any other DC film ever. It won’t rely on the use of expensive CGI effects or other superhero cameos but will focus on a more low-budget in-depth character study of the origins of the joker. Through the film, we’ll know what made joker the ruthless and psychotic villain he eventually became.


The Joker is an iconic comic book character who is considered to be one of the greatest villains of all time. To emulate him on screen is a tough task, but only a few have prevailed, and it looks like Phoenix’s name will be added to the list of talented actors who did. 

There are a handful of actors who can emulate the joker’s aura on screen and bring the true essence of the pain and anger he holds deep within him, but the trailer promises Phoenix of doing just that. His performance along with Philips’ writing, could prove to be the perfect recipe for one of the most unique and in-depth villain origin stories ever made.

Watch the trailer below:

The film is set to release on October 4, 2019.


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