The Many Moods Of Ranveer Singh, As Told By Journalists
The Many Moods Of Ranveer Singh, As Told By Journalists

Anecdotes gathered from up-close and-personal interactions with the star himself

Ranveer Singh turned 37 today and it’s a known fact that he is a ball of energy. While we’ve seen the actor don multiple roles on-screen and at public gatherings, there’s another side to him that only those who’ve observed or interacted with him in close corners are aware of. Who better to comment on that than journalists, right? In a quest to unearth little-known facets of this mega star on his birthday, we reached out to pen warriors who’ve questioned, counter-questioned and picked Singh’s brain over the course of his 12-year-long career. And boy! Do they have interesting anecdotes to share. Take a look.  


The secret to Ranveer’s energy  

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Nothing affects the way Singh functions. Be it long flights or back-to-back movie promotions, he doesn’t flinch. Senior Entertainment Journalist, Mohar Basu has known Singh for over a decade and confirms that he’s one of the warmest celebrities out there. For her, it was breakfast she shared with the star in Paris, during promotions for the film, Befikre, that Basu holds closest. “It was an early morning breakfast at Pullman Paris. After a long day, and an excruciatingly long flight, he had landed not half as dreary as you’d expect. We were an exhausted bunch, looking for our caffeine fix, and on the other hand, here was the star, who had clocked in longer hours than us and yet his energy remained uncompromised. He sat there, devouring pancakes, slathering them with a judicious dose of Nutella, discussing a movie with childlike glee. I struggle to remember the movie we were talking about, but what I do remember is his passion. It transcends his own work. He is one of those rare artistes who is invested in great films, works towards nuancing storytelling, and supports the vision of filmmakers he associates with. He is smitten by the movies with an unmatched frenzy. And that’s what makes him so special. If one looks at his body of work, you’ll realise that he has the ability to transform like a chameleon, fitting effortlessly into every role he is given. You wonder what’s the secret of his energy, that magic potion? It’s Nutella, he’d tell you,” she says.  


A man of good heart  

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Today, Singh is a successful actor but those who have known him since the beginning will attest to the fact that he hasn’t changed a bit, and they mean it in a good way. Senior Entertainment Journalist, Tanvi Trivedi, for example, remembers interviewing him in Ahmedabad, back in 2010, and the first thing he did was to offer her refreshments. “He is a live wire! The way we see him today, jumping from one place to the other, he was exactly like that back then, too. And he is extremely intelligent. Even before I could finish my question, he would know what I am trying to get and respond in an articulate manner,” she says. Trivedi’s admiration for Singh is palpable, no matter what the janta has to say about his fashion choices. She recollects interviewing him, along with co-star Anushka Sharma, and having to politely decline his overtures. “I had asked her a question, and Ranveer wanted to answer on her behalf. I politely insisted that Sharma only responds. But he didn’t mind that at all. He has a good heart and it is filled with gratitude,” she shares.  


A true-blue performer  

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From a journalist’s POV, actors can be a pain, especially when it comes to chasing them for stories. But unlike most others, Singh prioritises interviews and treats them as an equally important part of his work. Independent Entertainment Journalist, Jigar Shah’s most memorable meeting with the star was during the promotions for Band Baja Baaraat in 2010. “I clearly remember the first time I saw Ranveer Singh, it was at the trailer launch of Band Baaja Baaraat and he entered the YRF studio dancing with a live band. That was the first instance of what the world was going to see of him in the years to come. He was energetic, happy and danced without inhibitions,” Shah tells us, adding that the next day, when the two sat down for an interview, he discovered a calm and composed Singh. “He was so down-to-earth, quiet and shy, and yet had a certain confidence about him. Over the years, he’s become livelier in his interviews and from what I understand, he treats them as a performance, too.” 


Eccentric, emotional, real  

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Singh has been known to be vulnerable, and not make any bones about it. He’s eccentric and emotional, to be sure, confirms Independent Entertainment Journalist, Ananya Ghosh. “Once, he had revealed that he was a ‘hugger’ and I saw a live example of that as we sat down for his interview. We were having a fun conversation when suddenly, he started reminiscing about his grandmother. He really poured his heart out, and I could see that he was welling up. It was too personal a bit to include in the interview, but I was surprised to see this side Ranveer. It was so intense and serious that I could not relate it to the Ranveer who just a few moments back, was scrolling excitedly through fan posts on Instagram and jumping like a 10-year-old,” Ghosh reminisces. She recalls Singh admitting to the fact that while the antics and shenanigans are very much a part of who he is, there is another side to him that’s extremely intense. “At times, I channel that into the characters I play, otherwise it is a ‘limited access’ zone!” the actor had told this reporter.


The kind of confidence and energy that Singh exudes is admirable, and if these stories are to be believed, one can say, he’s an interviewer’s dream.

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