Khaby Lame's Per Post Earnings Will Blow Your Mind
Believe It Or Not, TikTok Creator Khaby Lame Makes $10 Million Per Video!

Lame is clearly laughing his way to the bank, fyi!

Ever heard a rags-to-riches story that truly warmed your heart? If not, let us tell you about Khaby Lame. Scores of netizens already know him for his hilarious Tik Tok videos, and for the ones who don’t – you need to check his page pronto! The young lad joined Tik Tok in 2020 after losing his job as a factory machine worker due to the pandemic. Two years later, Lame is clearly up the influencer ladder and earns impressive amounts of money for his unique, chuckle-inducing content.


Fortune got their hands on his recent contract with a major Hollywood studio. The documents revealed that Lame would receive a heft amount of $750,000 for a single clip! Yes, you read that right. He also earned $450,000 through his partnership with Hugo Boss. What’s more, he recently debuted at the Milan Fashion Week for the brand and posted about it online as a part of the deal as part of a lucrative collaboration. The Tik Tok sensation is estimated to make around $10 million this year. 

And while Lame will continue to make Tik Tok videos for his fans, his main goal is to foray into Hollywood, and harbors a dream to star in a film alongside Will Smith.“He started to dream about being an actor after watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Lame, who speaks Italian, said through his manager. “His goal is to be in a movie, hopefully, one day with Will,” he told TMZ. 


Since 2020, Khaby Lame gained 149.5 million fans and 2.4 billion likes on Tik Tok over a short span of time. He soon became the most-followed person on the platform recently. Lame along with his parents, and three siblings also immigrated to Italy from Senegal in 2001. He officially became a citizen of Italy last month. 


The Tik Tok star pokes fun at some ‘hack’ clips that take so much time. Instead, he offers a better and more obvious solution for a shorter time. His banana peeling video is one of the most popular ones on his profile, which has garnered over 267 million views. His hilarious signature facial expressions have made him a huge star on the app, with each of his videos amassing millions and millions of views, likes, and comments.


(Featured Image Credits: Twitter @khabylame)

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