Know All About Emmanuel Macron - France's Answer To Canada's Justin Trudeau
Know All About Emmanuel Macron – France’s Answer To Canada’s Justin Trudeau

They’re both young, progressive and have a lot of social media frenzy surrounding them.

They’re both young, progressive, and have a lot of social media frenzy surrounding their politics as well as their personal lives. Yes, we’re talking about newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron and the man who he is being compared to: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.


Some comparisons are definitely valid because both of them are antidotes to the far-right. Although Trudeau is left leaning, Macron’s approach is revolt from the centre. But the fact remains that both Trudeau and Macron have charmed their way into the hearts of the voters with their easy going personalities, boyish good looks, dapper suits and their progressive stance on issues in their country and around the globe, which is quite a sigh of relief from what we witnessed as the twin debacle, famously known as Brexit and Donald Trump. The resounding victory of the centrist Presidential candidate over Marine Le Pen in France is definitely being celebrated worldwide as the victory of Europe.



So on that note, here’s taking a look at some of the lesser known facts about France’s newest President, Emmanuel Macron, who is touted as the greatest hope for a new world order.



  • At 39, he is France’s youngest President since Napolean Bonaparte and his party, En Marche!, is only one-year old. That’s a notable achievement. 





  • Macron won a whopping 66.06 percent of the total votes.





  • He is a centrist and a former investment banker who served as an economics minister for two years.





  • Macron is married to Brigitte, 25 years his senior, who was his drama professor when he was 15. Their endearing love story has also been one of the major talking points during the election. The elegant 64-year old is her husband’s closest confidante and will have an official role in the government.





  • With France’s rejection of the far-right, one of the fears that the European Union would break apart has also been alleviated.





  • Macron embraces a strong and ubiquitous stance on open borders and immigration, which upholds Europe’s ideals and how it rises above new wave of nationalism.  

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