Like Arjun Rampal And Kangana Ranaut, These 5 Actors Should Turn Writers
Like Arjun Rampal And Kangana Ranaut, These 5 Actors Should Turn Writers

It’s wishful thinking, but don’t be surprised if one of these actors do actually end up writing a script.

Scriptwriting is surely one of the most thankless jobs in Bollywood. There’s little recognition for these heroes, considering their role is just as big (if not bigger) as the actors and the director, in making a film work.


This week we’ll have Simran, where Kangana Ranaut has allegedly co-written the script with Apurva Asrani. Last week, we had Daddy, where Arjun Rampal has co-written the script with Ashim Ahluwalia.


While Simran’s script led to a huge war of words between both Kangana and Apurva, a lot of people don’t even know that Arjun Rampal has written the script for Daddy.


But let’s leave all that aside. Now is the time to indulge in some wishful thinking.


So without further ado, let’s look at the 5 actors we wish were scriptwriters.


Shah Rukh Khan



The man is witty as hell, and you know that from his interviews. We are sure his understanding of life and the human condition is top notch, and if he writes a story, it’ll be amazing. We just wish that he writes this film for himself, and not to make a money-spinning blockbuster.


Ranveer Singh



Ranveer Singh has written lyrics for some of his songs, and that Durex ad. He loves the process of creating, and we are sure that a film written by Ranveer will be entertainment ka dhamaka! In fact, we want it to be a goofball comedy, because Ranveer’s great at that and he hasn’t found a film that does justice to that side of him.


Priyanka Chopra





PC has done it all. Be it acting, singing or producing. We think the only feather that she needs to add to her cap is to write and direct a film. She certainly has the brains to write a good film, and the money to produce and promote it well. What kind of movie should it be? Probably a motivational story about a character beating all odds to succeed. Because her life story is extremely inspiring. 


Abhay Deol



It’s been a long time since we’ve had a great Abhay Deol film where he plays the solo lead. Probably there are not enough scripts that can do justice to his calibre. Since he does dark characters like Dev D so well, we think he should do something like India’s version of Trainspotting. It’s bound to be psychedelic.


Alia Bhatt



Whatever Alia Bhatt touches turns to gold. She has given so many hit films as an actress, and even though you might consider her to be too young to write a film, we think that she should use that youth to her advantage. A college rom-com like SOTY, with her in the lead is something that will make Alia do a fab job.

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