'Loki' Season Two Trailer Dropped; Fans reacts  
‘Loki’ Season 2 Promises To Up The Ante In 2023  

Yes, Owen Wilson will be reprising his role again 

With the year wrapping up in two weeks, Disney+ dropped a teaser trailer for its upcoming shows — the new season of Loki, included. Clips of the Tom Hiddleston show were showcased alongside the teaser for Marvel’s Secret War.   


The trailer starts with Loki, described as a “handsome fellow” in the teaser being interrogated in an alternate TVA facility. Then we’re cut to Owen Wilson’s Mobius saying, “a little over the top, don’t you think?” to Loki. What’s more interesting though is that Hiddleston is seen with two identical Lokis, which can either mean they are projections or new variants from a different universe.   

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There’s also a shot of Loki in a TVA prisoner jumpsuit, and a shot of Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie looking distressed. While we don’t have the exact plot details yet, we do know that according to the trailer revealed during the D23 expo, Loki has been “pulled through times” and has seen “terrible, awful things” could this mean we will see Jonathan Major’s Kang The Conqueror flexing his powers? Possibly.   


So far these are the only details we could make out of the very brief teaser thrown at us. We will get to see more of Phase 5 unwrapping itself in the upcoming year with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania coming out in February.  

Here’s How The Internet Reacted To The New Loki Teaser:   

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