Lord Of The Rings actor to visit India as a DJ
Lord Of The Rings actor to visit India as a DJ

Elijah Wood, who forms the act Wooden Wisdom with partner Zach Cowie, will play in three cities next month

Not many know that Elijah Wood, who is best known as the lead actor of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit, is also a DJ. He is one half of Wooden Wisdom, along with partner Zach Cowie. The duo is set to perform in India next mont, covering three cities – Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad – during a six-day trip starting September 3.


“We love travelling abroad and playing records, so we can’t wait to visit India for the first time, buy killer records and eat delicious food,” Wood said in a statement.


The gig might have been made possible by actor Ali Fazal, who befriended Wood while shooting a cameo for Fast & Furious 7. However Fazal, who will host the duo when they visit the country, declined to comment.

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