If You Loved Sam Rockwell In Three Billboards, Here Are 5 Of His Movies You Should Watch

Sam Rockwell has taken home the golden statuette (Best Actor In A Support for his role.

Sam Rockwell has taken home the golden statuette (Best Actor In A Supporting Role) for his role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  We think it was well deserved.


A review by Alissa Wilkinson, Caroline Framke, and Constance Grady for Vox, describes Rockwell’s performance to the T. “Sam Rockwell is incredibly good as the belligerent cop Dixon, but that character is such an ungodly mess, not least because of how many characters — especially Woody Harrelson’s kindly Chief Willoughby — tend to just chuckle and shake their heads when he abuses his power just because he can,” it reads. 

“It’s the transformational aspect of it, the fact that he was really many different roles wrapped up in one role. He’s a doofus, he’s a racist, he’s violent, he’s a mama’s boy. There’s a few heroic things at certain points. But he’s very flawed, and it’s a boy-to-man journey,” Rockwell said in an interview with NYTimes when asked about what stood about the role, and why it won so many awards. 

That said, we’ve already seen Three Billboards haven’t we? Thanks to the hype. Let’s look at some of his other films that really deserve your attention. 


The Green Mile

Matchstick Men

The Way, Way Back

Snow Angels

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