If We Made A Movie On The Ramayana, These Are The Actors We'd Cast
If We Made A Movie On The Ramayana, These Are The Actors We’d Cast

Since Diwali is here, we thought we’ll indulge in some wishful thinking.

Diwali and Ramleela shows have a deep-rooted connection. Even Bollywood has, on several occasions, cashed in on this coming together of mythology and art. But we haven’t seen an out and out depiction of Ramleela by our favourite A-listers. But ahead of this Diwali, we imagine one and decide who plays who the best.


And by the way, we love the drama, the suspense and the values that Ramayana consists of. Surely, if we had enough money, we’d make a multi-starrer with some of the big names in Bollywood. You might not agree with us, but then, there’s always the comments section for a discussion. 


Sushant Singh Rajput As Rama



Rama is supposed to stand for righteousness and we think that SSR has just the right face and the personality to pull off this role. He looks nice and authoritative, and strong enough to take on and defeat a mighty warrior like Raavana. 


Rajkumar Rao As Laxman



There are few roles in this world that Rajkumar Rao cannot pull off with ease. And we think that he’ll ace his game as Laxman too, as his soft spoken nature will help him play the role of a subservient brother. 


Radhika Apte As Sita



Radhika Apte is great in unconventional roles, but we think that she will be great as Sita too . Also, her pairing with Sushant Singh Rajput is something we’d love to see. The values of sacrifice, dedication and loyalty is what Sita stands for, and Apte will be an unconventional (but not a bad) choice to play the role. 


Rana Daggubatti As Ravana



Just like Rana, Ravana is supposed to be really powerful and strong. Daggubatti was great as the villian in Baahubali, and we think he’ll be great in Ramayana too. We can totally imagine him with 10 heads. 


Ranveer Shorey As Vibhishan



Vibhishan is Ravana’s brother who joins hands with Rama, and to play such a snake, we needed to think out of the box. And Ranveer Shorey is what came to our minds. 


Tiger Shroff As Hanuman



Hanuman was supposed to be strong, athletic and subservient and we don’t think Tiger Shroff will have much problems playing this role. He’ll have to do some make-up on his face though, and we are not sure if he’ll be comfortable with that. 


Ganesh Acharya as Kumbhkaran



It’s not like Kumbhkaran is a central character in this epic, but he is well known to be a big eater and an even bigger sleeper. In fact, even now if there’s a person who sleeps a lot, he/she is called Kumbhkaran. From Bollywood, the choreographer Ganesh Acharya is who comes to our mind when we think of him. 


Hema Malini as Kaikeyi



Kaikeyi was the evil wife of Dashrath who played a key role in sending Rama to his exile. Hema Malini has usually played good characters, which is why it will be perfect to see her as a vamp in this movie. 


Amitabh Bachchan as Dashrath



To play the King of Ayodhya, you need an authoritative figure and if there is one man who stands for power, dignity and love, it’s Amitabh Bachchan. 

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