Sonakshi Sinha Heats Up Miami
Sonakshi Sinha Heats Up Miami

The actress talks about her favourite directors, cooking the best scrambled eggs and being bad at maths.


The actress also talks about her favourite directors, cooking the best scrambled eggs and being bad at maths


What was your most memorable experience during the cover shoot in Miami?


It was my first time in Miami, so I was obviously looking forward to it. I’ve heard so much about the city and I have to say that it really lived up to my expectations. We shot at some lovely locations, and the most memorable thing was a Cuban restaurant, Ball and Chain. The musicians there were amazing and I had a great time matching steps with this elderly gentleman, who was younger than me at heart.



Dress by NIKHIL THAMPI; belt by HERMES; shoes by KOOVS



Of the film-makers you have worked with, who has been your favourite? 


Vikramaditya Motwane, and definitely Amit Sharma. Every director I have worked with is very different. Vikram has a very strict way of working and is very particular about what he wants. He would talk to me for hours about the character. With Amit Sharma, again, he is a complete perfectionist and he even acts out the scene, which makes it so much easier for the actors.


Which was the last film you saw and fell in love with?


Deadpool. I am a superhero fan and I do like Ryan Reynolds.


What’s on your reading list at the moment?


I have a lot of books on my list right now, but I haven’t got down to reading them. I’m halfway through Eat Pray Love. I think I go through reading phases – right now, it’s an off phase.


What’s your favourite song?


Photograph by Ed Sheeran.








What’s a skill you’d like to possess?


I’ve always wanted to create music, so playing a musical instrument has been on my mind for a while. I think it’s fascinating to create something so beautiful. I learnt the guitar for a while when I was in school, but I gave it up. Last year, I started learning how to play the drums and I really enjoyed it. But I haven’t been able to be regular with it. But yes, that is something I want to pursue.


What’s the one role in an existing film that you wish you had gotten the chance to play? 


I think Kangana’s role in Queen was something that every actress wishes she could do. It was an amazing film, and her character was so endearing.



Stripe suit by DIESEL; shoes by ZARA








Jacket and trousers both by MARKS & SPENCER; choker by SUHANI PITTIE; shoes by JIMMY CHOO



What’s your favourite TV show?




What’s your favourite Shatrughan Sinha movie?


Khudgarz, Kaalicharan and Vishwanath.


Who is your favourite co-star?


Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Shahid Kapoor are definitely my favourites.







Can you cook?


When my father asks this question, I boast about being able to make the best scrambled eggs. But that’s all I know. I want to learn, though. I think I’m steering clear of it because I think I’ll be really good at it, and that won’t help my fitness goals.


What is your fitness routine?


It’s very basic and doable. I believe consistency is important in anything you do, including working out. I alternate between cardio routines, yoga, a sport or functional training at the gym.



Dress by ZARA; Shirt by TOMMY HILFIGER; shoes by ZARA



Which subject did you fare the worst at in school?


Maths. I still am terrible with numbers.


What’s the most expensive thing and the cheapest thing you own?


The most expensive thing would be my car – A BMW GT. And the cheapest thing would be a fifty-rupee neckpiece.


Three things a man has to do to impress you?


Pay attention and be well spoken, smell good and be humble.

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