Movie Gadgets That We Wish Were Real


Spider-Man is finally getting himself a separate franchisee within the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this year and recent reports suggest that Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature a host of gizmo and tech on the crawler’s suit.


A refreshing change in this newest Spidey movie series will have the superhero seek help from Tony Stark; so expect new ammo, ice cutters, flying mechanisms and more in his suit. Don’t you wish you had one too?


Here are some other movie gadgets that are also straight out of a geek’s fantasy.


Iron suit



Talking of suits, this high-tech ensemble of metal can not only fly and protect you from any other metal, but it also looks damn cool and can be conveniently folded into a suitcase. That said you need to be as cool as Jr Stark to pull this one off.


Invisibility cloak



The suit might be the coolest armour in the Marvel Universe, but it still won’t help you keep a low-profile when the time comes. But Harry Potter brings the invisibility dream to life through this piece of fabric. However, we’ll revoke your privileges if you mention changing rooms anywhere.


Magnetic watch



James Bond has put on various watches over the years but this one from the 70s could get the better of all smartwatches in the market today. It fends off bullets and even cuts through various ropes and cables. The agent also showed us how to undress someone using it in the movie!





It’s well past the Back To The Future day and we still don’t have a hoverboard in the world yet! The best part about the board is that it even lets you hover over water. So, dear engineers and inventors of the world, make us one soon. Please.





Sorry all other fancy gadgets and doohickey, the lightsaber has to be the ultimate movie gadget that we wish to see in real life. It has witnessed some great cinematic battles and is an ambition for many fans to wield in real life. And if you think otherwise, please go and watch Star Wars.

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