Mumbai, this is where you should be this Sunday
Mumbai, this is where you should be this Sunday

One of the world’s leading music producers, Dutch-based DJ Afrojack returns to India for the fourth time this weekend. We sit down for a quick chat about music, trends and cars.

Afrojack may not [yet] be the biggest name in electronica, but the Dutch DJ is well on his way there. The 27-year-old music producer made his breakthrough into mainstream commercial success in 2011 with the mega-single “Give Me Everything” alongside eccentric American rapper Pitbull, R&B heavyweight Ne-Yo and Latin pop singer Nayer in 2011, and has since then gone on to collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest names, whether it’s with pop superstar Beyoncé on her anthemic “Run the World [Girls],” with rapper Wiz Khalifa on “Too Wild,” and earlier in 2015 with French music producer David Guetta and Nicki Minaj on “Hey Mama.”


 What is that one trend in the music industry today that you think will stick around for a while?


Fads come and go but I think the music always stays. Right now the entire music scene around the world is really interesting. You have a lot of new genres and sounds popping up, and this is something I’ve always been interested in. The music industry is dynamic. My music has moved from EDM to pop. There is going to be nothing constant in this industry.


How has your music changed from the time you started out to this day?


I have definitely grown as an artist from my first few performances to where I am now. Every city and every audience and every gig that I have performed for has taught me something new. I’m sure I’m going to learn something new about my music as I perform at the Smirnoff Experience Music Festival in Mumbai.


Other than music what are you passionate about? We hear you have a soft spot for cars.


Yes of course. I love my cars and spending time with my little girl.


According to you, what are the essentials in a man’s world?


Love from their dear ones and perseverance. He also has to be well dressed.

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