Musicians React To Omprakash Mishra's Bolna Aunty
Musicians React To Omprakash Mishra’s Bolna Aunty

We spoke to musicians like Vishal Dadlani to find out whether there is any future for the ‘rapper’

You know something is wrong with this generation when hundreds of millennials gather on the streets to celebrate a hugely sexist and misogynist piece of music. 


Yes we’re talking about Omprakash Mishra’s Aunty Ki Gunty that became an overnight sensation when some Facebook meme pages chanced upon the 2015 video and have been cracking jokes at its expense. 



The attention was fine till the point people actually attended the Facebook event created by the page ShitIndiansSay and chanted slogans to glorify the ‘rapper.’ And despite the video being removed from YouTube after a campaign by The Quint, the hysteria around ‘Ominem’ doesn’t seem to cease.


Supporters are now comparing his rise to that of Honey Singh, who broke onto the scene with a super sexist, profane song of his own. But how realistic a claim is that? We checked with some of our musician friends to find out.


Vishal Dadlani



“Who the f*ck is that.”


“I thank my f*ckin’ stars that I haven’t come across this piece of whatever sh*te you’re talking about”


Anand Bhaskar



“He sure looks like a music aspirant. His genre of music doesn’t require much musical expertise barring a basic sense of rhythm. He doesn’t have even that! And let’s not even get into how badly auto-tuned that song is.”


“If as many people gathered on the streets to support an indie artiste, it would do a world of good for music. But sadly, cringeworthy material like this is garnering more interest.”



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