Ned Flumer Is The Richest Member Of The Try Guys With A Networth Of $10 Million! Here’s How The Others Stack   

That’s a stacked crew!

If you haven’t been around the YouTube circuit for a while, you may not be aware of the recent controversy surrounding one of its biggest creators – The Try Guys. The 7.5 million subscriber channel run by ex-Buzzfeed employees was in the news recently when one of its four members, Ned Fulmer was caught in a cheating scandal with an employee.   


The controversy which has been unfolding since last week seems to conclude today, when the Try Guys put out an official video, distancing themselves from Fulmer and his work with the channel. The trio also confirmed that the company will be severing all ties with Fulmer contractually. That being said we decided to take a sneak peek into Fulmer’s net worth and were quite astounded by what we found.   

Ned Fulmer – $10 Million  

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As mentioned earlier, the Try Guys YouTube channel currently boasts a subscriber base of 7.5 million, which as per reports should translate into a revenue of $1.4 million per year. However, Fulmer’s net worth is reported to be around $10 million, a whopping $8 million more than the next Try Guys…guy.   


The additional income can be attributed to Fulmer’s other endeavors, including a home restoration show he started with his wife Ariel, called Try DIY. Along with it, he’s also said to have generated income from the group’s cooking show with the Food Network and their aptly titled New York Times bestseller called The Hidden Power of F*cking Up. Fulmer has also authored a book with his wife Ariel, called The Date Night Cookbook, which was published last year in September.  

Zach Kornfeld – $2 Million  

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The next wealthy Try Guy on the list is Zach Kornfeld, with an estimated wealth of around $2 million. Along with being the host of the channel, Kornfeld also describes himself as an actor, screenwriter, and video producer, with his previous workplace being Buzzfeed. As per Distractify, a majority of Kornfeld’s income come from the YouTube channel. It is further supplemented by his acting and writing jobs.   


Eugene Lee Yang – $700,000  

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Perhaps the most recognized face out of the three, Lee Yang has an estimated net worth of around   $700,000. Apart from being the core member of the group and an ex-Buzzfeed employee, Lee Yang also works as an actor, appearing in a cameo in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A member of the community, Lee Yang has produced many LGBTQ+ videos, raising awareness about issues including gender identity and suicide.   


Keith Habersberger – $200,000  

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Many of you may recognize Keith from older Buzzfeed videos. The fourth member of the group is said to have a net worth of $200,000, most of which can be attributed to the Try Guys channel. The 36-year-old also owns a merchandise line, consisting of t-shorts, hoodies, and accessories.   


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