Net Worth Of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine In 2022
How Rich Is ‘Maroon 5’ Singer Adam Levine In 2022? 

Maybe, he should just shift to real estate dealings now!

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine singer is trending for a really wrong reason. Instagram model Sumner Stroh set the internet ablaze by revealing how the popular artiste cheated on his wife with her. While Levine issued an apology soon after, where he said that he crossed a line, that hasn’t killed the buzz that surrounds him just as yet. 


While everyone is waiting for that drama to unfold, let’s check out how much is the singer worth in 2022. 

Great Finances Thanks To A Successful Career 

Maroon 5 is one of the most popular bands in the world, and that naturally creates a huge fan base for Levine as well. His main source of income is through his music, he’s reportedly worth $160 million.  

In 2002, the band conjured up a mega-hit album titled Song About Jane, which had songs related to Levine’s ex-girlfriend Jane. It sold more than 10 million copies and helped the band win multiple Grammys. The number later touched 30 million.  

Even today, when the band announces their tours, their shows are sold out in a matter of minutes. Over the years, Maroon 5 has managed to earn good money with 6 albums and 30 singles. 

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Earned Millions As A Judge 

Given his popularity as a musician, Levine was soon extended an offer to become a judge on The Voice, a reality TV show. The singer grabbed the opportunity and did it for eight years, which amounted to a total of 16 seasons. And if the reports are to be believed, Levine took a hefty cheque of $12 million for every season. Now that is quite some money. But the Sugar singer eventually left the show in 2019.  


He has also appeared in shows like Begin Again, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and The Clapper, etc.

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A Smart Investor 

Levine bought a $34 million house in Beverly Hills in 2018. Invested another $7 million to renovate and restructure the house. Then in the same year, he decided to put it on sale and sold it for $47.5 million, which was a great deal. There was another mansion of his, which he apparently sold to an American singer-songwriter for $13 million.  


Next, Levine and Prinsloo jointly invested $32 million in a house in Pacific Palisades, which was previously owned by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. After three years, they made a huge profits of $25 million by selling it. Levine soon bought another property in Montecito for $27 million and sold it at a profit of $6 million in three months. 

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What Are His Other Sources Of Income? 

Now it is clear that Levine takes some really wise decisions, when it comes to financial planning. But this is not it. In 2018, along with Josh Gummersall, he launched 222, a production company. The first project was Sugar, which was inspired by the song of Maroon 5. Since 2012, he also owns a record label which the same name as 222 Records.  


The currently controversial singer has bagged numerous brand endorsements as well, and is also the brand ambassador of Shure, which sells earphones and headphones.  

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