Why Netflix's Love, Death And Robots Should Be All You Watch This Week
Why Netflix’s Love, Death And Robots Should Be All You Watch This Week

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A great Netflix series isn’t hard to come by. The streaming giant is known for its unique and mind-blowing shows and movies, but trust us when we say this, you’ve never seen anything like Love, Death And Robots. 


Love, Death And Robots is an animated anthology series, which consists of 18 episodes that all range from a running time of just 5-18 minutes. 

Similar to Black Mirror, every episode of the series is different from the other and aren’t connected to each other in any way. Every episode showcases a different kind of animation style as well. From grainy comic book styles to realistic Pixar-level work.

Make no mistake, this is no animation series that you can watch along with your kids. This is a purely violent, NSFW series filled with robots and humans having sex and violently killing each other. So probably watch it while the kids are asleep. 

More than anything, the show is intelligent. it is in no way an excuse for Netflix to show sex and violence. The scripting is absolutely brilliant and makes you think you’re watching a Christopher Nolan film. 

If you’re looking to watch something short, with unbelievably cool animation and clever storytelling, Love, Death And Robots should be all you watch this week. 

Watch the trailer of the show below:

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