Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Revealed: Quick Predictions

The show will now supersede the George RR Martin books that have been the brainwave behind the previous seasons

Winter is coming! Ahead of the Game of Thrones Season 7 premier of July 16, the makers of the show have unveiled the first set of official photographs from the upcoming episodes. It features all major characters from Daenarys Targaryan, Jon Snow, the Stark kids, and the Lannisters to Sam Tarly, Lyanna Mormont, The Hound and of course Petyr Baelish.




Based on these pictures and some fan theories going around on various internet forums, here is what we could expect from the upcoming season.


Jamie returns to serve Cersie



The sixth season ended with Cersie Lannister turning all her foes in King’s Landing into ashes, which led to her only remaining child Tommen take his own life. But expect her incestuous brother to come back and serve the new Iron Throne bearer to mend their crumbling relationship.


Littlefinger betrays Sansa



One of the images in the album captures Lord Baelish in conversation with the elder Stark daughter. But if fan theories are to be believed, he’s not too happy with the way Sansa has been treating him and would ultimately cause her death.


The Hound and Lady Stoneheart



Vast speculation has surrounded the role of the popular book character Lady Stoneheart’s appearance on the show. But since Catelyn Stark has been dead too long, theories suggest that Sansa could fill in these boots with the help of The Hound, who had united with the Brotherhood Without Banners in Season 6.


Jon meets Dany



The Targaryan heritage of the King of the North was revealed in the previous season finale and it could be time that he finally crosses paths with Khaleesi this season. Advisors like Tyrion and Varys could hold the key in the formation of an alliance between the two.

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