Our Favourite Moments From The Second Episode Of Game Of Thrones’ New Season
Our Favourite Moments From The Second Episode Of Game Of Thrones’ New Season

Winter is finally here

Winter is finally here. And with it comes a brand-new, highly-anticipated season of the world’s biggest show. The second episode of the eighth season was pretty lowkey. The episode consisted mostly of some heartwarming moments and scenes that showed the calm before the storm.


Here, we take a look at some of our favourite moments from the episode and it goes without saying, spoilers ahead.


Sansa and Daenerys finally had “the talk”


The Mother of Dragons reached out to the lady of Winterfell and it was quite a heartwarming chat. Daenerys told Sansa that she loves Jon Snow (eeps she doesn’t know yet, does she?) but the talk came to an abrupt end when Sansa asked Daenerys what was to happen once the war was over – would Winterfell go to the Starks or would they still have to bow to the Targaryen Queen.


Dany finally gets to know about Jon’s heritage



“If it were true,” she said through gritted teeth, “you’d have a claim to the Iron Throne.” Eeks. She didn’t take it well at all but then, can you blame her?


The plan


How the fuck are they going to defeat the Night King? By turning Bran into some sort of a rat trap LOL. He’ll be waiting in the Godswood and the heroes from the realm of men can only hope he isn’t turned into one of ‘them’.


Arya had sex



Yep, you read that right. As fierce and forthcoming as ever, Arya totally went head-on with her desire for Gendry and the both of them went at it in some sort of haystack. Well, you go, girl.




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