Top 7 Directors Who Should Direct The Next James Bond Sequel
Top 7 Directors Who Should Direct The Next James Bond Movie 

Who wouldn’t want to see a Bond movie directed by Tarantino?

Last year’s No Time To Die saw Daniel Craig’s tenure as the iconic character being wrapped up with a nice little bow (or a fiery explosion if you’ve seen the movie). Since then the conversation about who should be replacing him has been a topic of debate over the internet and in real life. 


While we might be some time away from finding that answer, rumors of Christopher Nolan helming the next James Bond movie have been doing the rounds on the internet. However, despite Nolan’s reputation, we feel these seven directors make a better case for themselves for the top spot. Here’s why:


1) Edgar Wright



Thanks to his unique catalog of films ranging from Shawn of the Dead to Baby Driver, Edgar Wright has made a name for himself for having one of the most unique voices in Hollywood. Maybe that’s what got him both hired and fired from the first Ant-Man movie. However, unlike the Marvel films, which have to restrain themselves as per the MCU’s style and continuity, we feel Edgar Wright can flex his muscles when it comes to the next Bond movie.


2) Christopher McQuarrie



Here’s a controversial opinion. Over the last decade, the Mission Impossible movies have been miles better than any James Bond movie. Yes, most of the burden is carried by Tom Cruise’s death-defying stunts, but credit should be given where it’s due to the man who manages to capture all of that – Christopher McQuarrie. Not only can McQuarrie direct action like nobody’s business, but he also has a knack for helming brilliant thrillers like 2012’s Jack Reacher.


3) Danny Boyle



The one that got away. Fans were pumped and then heartbroken when Danny Boyle was attached and removed from the latest Bond movie, which was eventually directed by Cary Fukunaga. The Slumdog Millionaire director is known to be one of the most dynamic filmmakers out there, something which the Bond movies could really use. Here’s hoping that Boyle and MGM could sort out their creative differences for the next one. 


4) Steve McQueen



You may not think of Steve McQueen when you picture Bond running around in a foreign country trying to catch a terrorist. However, we think an argument can be made that McQueen will bring something new to the table. A different look, a different flavor and perhaps a Bond of a different ethnicity? McQueen has already proved his mettle when it comes to storytelling, with movies like 12 Years A Slave and Hunger. With 2018’s Widows in his catalog, the 52-year-old makes for a good shoutout here. 


5) Rian Johnson



Star Wars fans look away! Despite the infamous reception The Last Jedi got, no one can deny that Johnson has a knack for directing thrillers. You only need to take a look at Knives Out (which ironically Daniel Craig) and Looper to really see his credentials. Also considering that Johnson isn’t scared to change things around, we may see a very different Bond on the screen.


6) Quentin Tarantino



Perhaps the most unconventional choice of the lot, Quentin Tarantino may be one of the dark horses in contention for the next Bond movie. After all, he did pitch an idea for Casino Royale to Pierce Brosnan (over Martinis, we hope) back in the day. With a host of action movies like Kill Bill and Django Unchained on his resume and with his unique storytelling skills, this is one Bond movie we pray that comes to fruition someday. 


7) Ryan Coogler



Last but not least, Ryan Coogler has emerged as one of the most exciting directors to look out for in the past decade or so. The 36-year-old has time and again proven his ability to balance action with drama with ease. You only need to look at his last few movies like Black Panther and Creed to know what we’re talking about. 


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