Here Is The Perfect Introductory Elton John Playlist For All You Millennials

It’s about time you get familiar with this pop icon

If you come under that category of beings called “Millennials”, then this playlist is for you. We all know about the Beatles and have occasionally heard ABBA being played sometime in our lives by our parents while they complain about how modern music is trash today because they heard one bad rap song. But to some extent, they are right. Music nowadays is half bad and half good. The fact is that bad music is allowed to exist now while if the same thing happened in the 70s, you would be sent into oblivion. 


And if we are talking about classic pop icons, then Elton John’s name sits quite high up on that list. Calling him a legend would be an understatement. The man is more than a pop icon, he is a musical legend, and an LGBTQ figure.

Elton John is far from the other artists your parents told you about. He’s still talented, he’s still relevant, he’ll always be iconic and he’ll always be legendary. 

In celebration of John’s biography Rocketman releasing, we have curated the perfect playlist to introduce you to this music icon:

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