The Perfect Stoner Playlist To Put Some Spark In Your 4/20

A smoking session is only as good as the music. Here are five songs across genres guaranteed to melt your worries away

Snoop Dogg- Gin and Juice


Despite the title’s reference to beverage, there is no better song in my mind to kick off a stoner playlist. The easy, classic 90-s hip-hop beat is beautiful to kick back to, and indeed I can feel a little bit of my stress wash away every time the unmatched Snoop croons laaaiid back.

Lil Dicky- Pillowtalking


This was already an elite tier stoner song before Lil Dicky released the video. The video has now made it an essential part of this playlist. Pillowtalking is a ten -minute-long, wild ride through what is at its essence a man and woman awkwardly talking in bed, and the man’s brain interjecting with its own thoughts. However, this description cannot explain this song, and indeed it is so uniquely transcendental that little can, so just listen to it while watching the video below.

Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze


While Purple Haze is a reference to Jimi’s fondness for LSD, this classic’s mind-bending, pounding guitar and trippy lyrics will take you right back to Woodstock. Nobody has done it better than they did it in the 60’s, and nobody did it better back then than Hendrix.

War-Low Rider                                     


This is a silly song for silly times. The chorus and the keys are unmistakable and iconic. Funk is an incredibly underappreciated genre when it comes to picking something to set a vibe. The Low Rider is a little higher, the song promises, and you probably will be too by the end of it.

Bob Marley- Three Little Birds


Yes, it is a little clichéd. However, Bob Marley remains the gold standard in reggae. You may be stuck in the traffic and noise of the city on this 4/20, but a little Marley will transport you to a Goan beach shack if you just close your eyes. Every little thing may as well be alright.



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