Pop Music Has Gotten Sadder And Angrier Over Past 60 Years
Pop Music Has Gotten Sadder And Angrier Over Past 60 Years

It is a great time to listen to Frank Ocean on repeat

It is official, ladies and gents- it is sad boi hours. 


Now, you can listen to Frank Ocean on repeat without any judgement.


Pop music has drastically changed over the years. And, it just not the music but also the lyrics.


According to a study by Lawrence Technological University, pop music has become angrier and sadder over a span of six decades. Researchers have analysed 6,000 songs from Billboard Hot 100 between the 1950s to 2016 and the results show that the expression of sadness and anger have become more prominent.


While the 1950s was a great time for good ol’ jolly music, in mid-1990s the expression of anger was sharper compared to previous years. And, since the 1950s the expression of joy in music has continued to decline, excluding the period between 1982-1984. Eventually, over the years the expression of joy in music has taken a backseat.


The expression of sadness, fear and disgust increased over time, although the feeling of anger was relatively milder. Besides, tones expressed in pop music has also changed over time and the change is gradual and consistent, with a few exceptions.


Lior Shamir, the co-author of the study states: ‘The change in lyrics sentiments does not necessarily reflect what the musicians and songwriters wanted to express, but is more related to what music consumers wanted to listen to in each year.’


The study points to the key fact that instead of music, the consumers’ preferences have changed over the decades.






(Image Credits: The Weeknd’s Instagram, Troye Sivan’s Instagram, Frank Ocean’s Instagram)

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