Why Priya Rai Should Enter Bollywood
Why Priya Rai Should Enter Bollywood

Happy Birthday, Priya Rai.

Happy Birthday Priya Rai,


We’d like to mark this occasion by asking you to join Bollywood. You see, Bollywood is one of the few industries in the world which accepts people from all backgrounds and nationalities. Plus, we are sure that you already have a decent fan following here.


Your life story is very Bollywood like too. We hear that you were born in New Delhi, but were adopted by an American couple. 


“I got into the industry (2007) about five years ago. I was a dancer for about four years, and I got into porn when I was 29. I’ve done all kinds of work-porn movies, centre-folds, music videos and I’m also doing a couple of mainstream projects. I’m doing a European gourmet cook show too,” you said in an interview with India Today in 2012. 


Also, we are not sure about your Hindi skills so while you come to grips with that, we think you can play a supporting role and speak in English itself. Probably an NRI sister to the main actress. You could star in a super hot item number too, much like what Sunny Leone did in Baby Doll. We read that you are extremely good at dancing too, so just saying this in the open so that the producers can listen. 


You’ve retired from porn, and your fans want to see you again. Bollywood would be just the right thing, considering we need fresher faces too. We surely need more dusky actresses, and we think you have both the talent and fan following to make it big. 


“I was never a porn watcher so when I went on set I just did what I did. I wasn’t trying to be anybody else. I couldn’t if I wanted because I had nobody to reference. I think the fact that I am Indian probably played a small part,” you told Mens Mag Daily when asked about the secret to your popularity. Indeed, we agree with your analysis even though your performances counted too. 

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