New Season Of Love Is Blind Is Already In Process, Questionnaire Out
‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Casting Panel Releases Disturbing Questionnaire

Are you game for this one?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3 began streaming on November 9, 2022. The controversial reality show never ceases to amuse, given its explosive in-house drama. Just as viewers are beginning to process everything on S3, it now appears that the show’s makers already have their sights set on the next season!


A casting producer named Mary Myers recently took to her Instagram to announce her decision to become a part of the casting panel of the show. Interestingly, with the post came a rather intrusive questionnaire.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Questionnaire

Recent reports suggested that an entry into the reality show is far from easy. Potential contestants have to fill out quite a lengthy questionnaire, which eventually determines their fate as far as getting an entry into the house is concerned. The questionnaire comprises 76 questions that are fashioned to test your mettle.


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Post this, the form takes a deep dive into a person’s relationship history, which can get a tad intrusive. But, then, what’s a reality show contestant without some background controversies?


The next segment on the questionnaire reportedly questions one’s belief about marriage and takes a peek into their sex lives and their perspectives about staying committed in long-term relationships.  

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While the questionnaire might seem like a tedious and tortuous process, a volley of contestants are of the opinion that the step helps them gauge their own interest in becoming a part of the show to a large extent. In an interview, Nancy Rodriguez, of season 3 fame, averred, “Had I not even been cast at the end, just going through those questionnaires and interviews was really powerful for me because it helped me to better understand why I was doing this.” 


Here’s a peek into the questionnaire: 

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