Ranbir Kapoor Wants To Date Someone Outside Films

Ranbir Kapoor has finally spoken up about his love life. His alleged breakup with ex-girlfriend and Jagga Jasoos co-star Katrina Kaif has been an open secret, but in a recent interview to Mid-Day, the Rockstar actor said that he would want to meet people outside the industry circles, but not through Tinder.


On dating and Tinder


When asked does he go on dates with people who are not from Bollywood, he replied, “Usually the only people you get to meet are from the (film) industry. And mostly you interact with actresses. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.”


He might have called film people ‘amazing’, but also agreed that he’d like to date an architect or a doctor. “Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m not on Tinder. Wahan tak ki naubat aayee nahin abhi tak!” he confessed.



Marriage problems between parents


He also discussed how the problems in his parents’ marriage affected him while growing up. Now glad that they came out of the troubled phase, he said, “I still see so much passion, love and respect between my parents. My father is still so possessive about her. My mother is still so inquisitive about how he’s doing. It’s been 38 years. So, no, I don’t think there’s a scar.”


Drugs like Sanju baba


Ranbir will soon be seen playing Sanjay Dutt in the actor’s biopic. But, for the role, did he also take drugs like his inspiration? “I’m not really going to kill somebody to know what it feels like for a scene! I’m not that deep into the ‘method’. Playing Dutt, I’d want to see how I can get into the soul of the character. The look is easy,” he laughed.



No publicists


Unlike many other leading celebrities, Ranbir doesn’t have a publicist to take care of his PR, nor is he active on social media. When questioned, he agreed that it’s a conscious attempt to take stardom back to how it once used to be, there being distance between audience, work, and the person.


“It’s my natural instinct to stay away from all of this. And I’m happy. My life is more peaceful, simpler. I’ve fewer things to pretend about,” he added.


Directorial debut


The Tamasha actor also revealed that he has a fantasy-romance script in mind for his directorial debut. Not that it takes the audience away into another space-time continuum, but something with a more surreal element.


“I just don’t want to direct a film, since I’ve said it, or it’s cool. I want to be good at it,” he emphasised. 

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