Ranveer Singh ‘Bears’ It All In Siberia With Bear Grylls
‘Ranveer Vs. Wild’ On Netflix: Ranveer Singh ‘Bears’ It All In Siberia With Bear Grylls

We get to decide if Ranveer dances with a Siberian bear, or plays dead

Just when you thought Ranveer Singh couldn’t one-up himself, he decides to get close to the wild side the environment — perhaps a bit too close.


Unveiled this morning was the new teaser for Netflix’s Ranveer vs. Wild — a choose-your-adventure style feature on the hit streamer’s platform. The adventure-reality show takes Ranveer Singh deep into the forests of Serbia, where he aims to find an elusive flower for his ‘girl.’ Who knows, Deepika might even make a cameo appearance in the finale?

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In the teaser, we see Ranveer navigate rough forest terrain, use grappling hooks, discover local wildlife, and notably, chance upon a Siberian brown bear. Fans have the option of letting Ranveer play dead, or dance in front of the bears — think of it as a slightly more local bandersnatch. While we’re sure the production team has Ranveer’s safety in mind, these massive beasts can weigh up to 360 kg and are adept hunters. Compared to their Indian cousins, they also are much less fearful of humans,


Produced by Banijay Asia, the show also ropes in survival-celebrity Bear Grylls, who seems to have become a regular fixture in India. After appearing with Narendra Modi, Akshay Kumar, Vicky Kaushal and Ajay Devgn, Ranveer joins the long list of pro-government figures Grylls has associated himself with in recent years.

Ranveer vs Wild is a huge step in pushing the envelope of interactive reality TV. “While the world is familiar with the actor’s electrifying spirit and adventurous side, with this show, we’ll see the best of both sides coming out as he embarks on his quest for love,” said Deepak Dhar, founder and CEO of Banijay Asia.

Ranveer Sig was last seen in Yash Raj Films’ Jayeshbhai Jordaar, and is set to appear in Ranveer vs. Wild  on July 8th.

(Featured Image Credits: The Natural Company, Netflix)

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