Rappers Who Were Killed In 2022 Migos Take Off
12 Celebrity Rappers Who Were Mysteriously Murdered In 2022 

Gone too soon…

According to recent reports, over 87 rappers have been tragically killed in cold blood in the past 3 decades globally. The reason has differed each time, but the mystery continues to date. The heartbreaking instances shed light on the fragility of human life, and how we’re often puppets to circumstances. Here’s a list of rappers who met with an untimely death in 2022.


Take Off


28-year-old Rapper Takeoff was shot dead on November 1. His body was found in a bowling alley and reportedly it happened over a game of dice. The person who shot him opened fire at the scene and 50 people were there when this incident happened. A few hours ago Takeoff even posted a picture of him at the bowling alley.

Pat Stay

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Canadian rapper Stay was 36 years old when he was fatally stabbed to death in Nova Scotia on September 5, 2022. While he was rushed to a hospital as soon as the police found him, it was unfortunately too late by then. A father of two young kids, the music community continues to mourn over the loss.


Young Slo- be

Another Canadian rapper named Young Slo-Be was shot dead on August 5, this year. His real name was Disean Jaquae Victor and he was just 29 years old at the time of his death. The management company that handled him confirmed the news of his death on the day of his passing, leaving his fans in a state of shock.


On July 28, the Louisiana police confirmed that the rapper was killed after a shooting broke out in the area. He was 24 years old, and was shot 8 times, as per his father’s version. Youngan was reportedly right outside his house at the time of the incident.

Rollie Bands 

A day before Youngan died, Bands met with a similar fate and was shot dead at his home. Turns out, Bands challenged critics on social media and urged haters to confront him at his residence. In a horrendous turn of events, Bands was shot dead in less than five minutes of posting the same on his feed.

Money Gang Vontae 

On July 11, the LA-based rapper was shot dead in a pharmacy. It is believed that Vonae was at a pharmacy, which turned into a crime scene after 4 burglars ransacked the store and tried to snatch his gold chain. A CCTV footage that captured the gory incident went viral for weeks after his death.

FBG Cash 

On June 10, the 31-year-old rapper succumbed to several gunshots and was pronounced dead on site. He was reportedly in his car with a woman, when a person from a Cadillac began firing shots at them. While Cash tried to protect himself by return firing, it simply wasn’t enough. 


Mariel Semonte aka Trouble, 34, was shot dead at an apartment in Conyers. The police confirmed the news on June 5 by stating that a miscreant shot at the rapper’s chest and killed him. Trouble was reportedly at the residence to visit a friend.


On June 3, rapper Lamar Jackson, also referred to as ‘Hypo’, was tragically stabbed to death. He was at a party when a fight broke out that led to his death. The officials investigating the crime pronounced him dead on the scene.  

Sidhu Moose Wala 

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Indian rapper Sidhu Moose Wala was ambushed by a group of unknown people and was tragically shot to death. On May 24, Moosewala succumbed to the 19 bullet wounds that were hurled at his car. The doctors pronounced him dead as soon as he was brought to a hospital. 


Archie Eversole 

On April 3, Eversole was found mysteriously dead at a gas station with a gunshot wound. Reports suggest that the rapper was shot in his jaw and couldn’t make it on time to the hospital. Later, his brother was arrested for his murder.


The 24-year-old rapper was shot dead on March 18 in Prince George’s county. The news spread like wildfire and artists from the fraternity started expressing their grief at the rapper’s unfortunate ending.

Snootie Wild 

Texas police on 28 February confirmed the news of Snootie Wild’s death. The American rapper’s body was found with a neck wound in Houston. He is survived by his 5 children and was also engaged to Krystal Meredith with whom he shared a 3-year-old child.

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