Why You Need To Watch Kunal Kemmu's ‘Abhay 3’ This Weekend
7 Reasons Why Kunal Kemmu’s ‘Abhay 3’ Needs To Be On Your Weekend Watchlist

In ‘Abhay 3,’ Kunal Kemmu as ACP Abhay Pratap Singh, will be dealing with cases and crimes on a supernatural level

Soon after Zee5 unveiled the trailer of Abhay Season 3 starring Kunal Kemmu, Tanuj Virwani, Rahul Dev, Divya Agarwal, and Vijay Raaz, fans started pouring love. The new season is darker and edgier. In Abhay’s third season, Kunal Kemmu will once again be seen essaying the role of ACP Abhay Pratap Singh, a police officer who has to investigate Uttar Pradesh’s most heinous and violent crimes. If you haven’t already watched the series, here are 7 reasons why you should be watching Abhay 3 this weekend. 


Quality Casting

Abhay 3 boasts an exceptional cast, with Kunal Kemmu, Asha Negi, Vijay Raaz, Vidya Malavde, Rahul Dev, Nidhi Singh, Tanuj Virawani, and Divya Agarwal. Abhay, who is a Special Officer, has a lot of insane personalities to deal with. Tanuj Virwani and Divya Agarwal have established themselves as highway killers in the first two acts, while, with Asha’s entrance, the plot becomes more engaging.  Vijay Raaz has raised his game with the unusual role in Abhay 3.


Engaging Plot

This season, the stakes are raised as Abhay confronts an unknown enemy, a terrible force capable of exploiting anyone in the service of a twisted religion.

Love for Action

The audience is hooked on to the show for its realistic storyline and action. Abhay 3 has already taken over the OTT world, with high-octane action sequences. Kabir (Tanuj Virwani) is seen doing the most dangerous underwater action sequence, and Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh are part of an adrenaline-pumped fight.

Unexpected Storyline

In the first 2 seasons of Abhay, SP Abhay Pratap Singh has to deal with the psychotic killers, However, season 3 takes it to a supernatural level. When Abhay Pratap hears that many lives are being sacrificed in the name of soul liberation in the city, his problems become even worse. All of the murders in the city are being carried out at the request of Anant (Vijay Raaz), who has taken the lives of innocent people. 

Influencer Couple: Kabir and Harleen

In the third season, Tanuj Virwani and Divya Agarwal make their debut. They play an influencer couple Kabir and Harleen, who has a darker side to their characters. Just like in real life, they have a huge following but here’s it comes with a big twist.

How season 3 is different from the other 2 seasons:

Abhay Pratap Singh pulls all stops to solve a case. In the first two seasons, Abhay has to face the serial killer murdering people in respective ways. Abhay 3 brings the battle of a “dark force” and “unknown menace,” and a case involving the death of a young woman.

The New Villains

Vijay Raaz, Rahul Dev, and Vidya Malavade are part of Abhay 3. All three have teamed up as antagonists, posing new challenges in Abhay’s life.

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