5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Is The Worst Dressed In Bollywood
5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Is The Worst Dressed In Bollywood

Please get the man a better stylist – and cut off his Cartoon Network (because that is evidently where he is taking all the fashion advice from).


They say, if you look good and have a fantastic physique, you can pull off anything. That is the motivating factor to get all of us lesser mortals to the gym everyday. But, then you look at Ranveer Singh and you wonder how untrue that statement is. No, you might look like a Greek God but that does not mean you can get away with committing such heinous fashion crimes.


Firstly, while a lot of people took his outrageous choices for “enthusiastic fashion that was an extension of his exuberant personality”, it is time to calm the fuck down. Honestly, like Chandler said – “There’s someone out there with a tranquilizer gun and a butterfly net, looking for that man!” That’s how we feel about Singh’s personality. So, it would be great if we were spared of an “extension” of it.


Secondly, not everything that gets spat up on an international ramp is a winner. Remember Rick Owens and his crotchless robes for men? How about Singh tried that out too? Stop following trends blindly.



Thirdly, why on earth are you trying so hard, man? Whom do you want to impress? You have Deepika Padukone as your girlfriend. From where we are, you are the most fortunate man in India. Also, take a leaf out off her book. That woman is always stylish, understated and elegant. You come across as an obnoxious attention-hungry kid next to her.Fourth, take risks that make sense. Pink tank top with a bedspread-print tracksuit? Are you kidding me? Velvet bathrobe, pajamas and bunny slippers? And what was that silly top hat phase?


And lastly, anyone who is complimenting you on all of this, unfriend them. There sanity is more questionable than yours. We’ll be your new BFFs. Call us.

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