Rihanna's Level of DGAF Is Truly Inspirational
Rihanna’s Level of DGAF Is Truly Inspirational

She’s bold, fierce and a total badass

The level of DGAF that Rihanna possesses is like totally inspirational. In addition to being a brilliant musician, the Barbadian songstress is also a social activist and one of the greatest cultural influencers of the 21st century. She’s bold, fierce and a total badass.


Below, we catalogue five times (there are so many, though) when RiRi ran out of fucks to give:

Like that time she brought a jewelled hip flask to the Grammy’s.

When she arrived in the now infamous ‘naked’ dress on the CFDA red carpet and even told a reporter: “My tits bother you? They’re covered… in Swarovski crystals”.


When Drake leaned in for a kiss . . . and she hugged him instead. On live television.


Also, when she taught us all about self-confidence and donned a t-shirt with her own face on it.

When she dropped her SavageXFenty collection that was nothing short of iconic.


All hail the one true Queen!


(Header credits: Rihanna on Instagram)

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