‘Runway 34’ Trailer: Ajay Devgn-Amitabh Bachchan Dial Up The Suspense
‘Runway 34’ Trailer: Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, And Rakul Preet Singh Dial Up The Suspense

The new trailer dives deep into the emotions of the pilot, the co-pilot and their brush with authority

Ajay Devgn’s Runway 34 looks like a gripping tale set 35,000 feet above the ground. The movie’s second trailer, which was released on Monday, reinstates that there’s more to the plot than what meets the eyes. The forthcoming drama is based on real incidents and will see the two Bollywood stars go against each other in a legal battle. 


The film is slated for release in May 2022, and until then, the makers are keeping the audience engaged by releasing new stuff around the movie. The second trailer of Runway 34 starts off with Ajay Devgn’s Vikrant Khanna, amid a legal battle, trying to explain how only the pilot is blamed when a flight faces some trouble.


On the other side of this dialogue is Amitabh Bachchan, who interrogates Ajay’s Vikrant and his co-pilot (Rakul Preet Singh). The new trailer dives deep into the emotions of the pilot, his co-pilot and their brush with authority as Big B’s character blames Vikrant for the disaster. It also gives us a glimpse into the intensity we can expect on screen.

The movie also stars Boman Irani, Adhira Dhar, and Aakanksha Singh.

Runway 34 is said to be inspired by true events. As per the synopsis, “Runway 34 revolves around Captain Vikrant Khanna played by Ajay Devgn, a flying prodigy, whose flight takes a mysterious course after take-off from an international destination.”

Ajay Devgn who makes a return to direction with this movie, after 2016’s Shivaay, had said, “It’s got terrific highs, alarming lows, a sense of jubilance and dejection, all within the screenplay. Honestly, letting this script just pass me by, was not even a consideration. I knew I had to make it.”

Runway 34 will release on April 29.

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