Hindu Mythology - The Mythologies Behind Sacred Games
Hindu Mythology – The Mythologies Behind Sacred Games

Getting to know the original myths that the episodes of Sacred Games are based on.

If you haven’t heard already, the latest show that you absolutely have to binge-watch is Sacred Games. The Netflix original follows the trials of Sartaj Singh (played by Saif Ali Khan) as he tries to uncover the puzzle laid out by Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).


One of the most intriguing aspects of the show is that each episode is closely tied to an aspect of Hindu mythology. Take a look:


Episode 1 – Ashwathama


Ashwathama is Drona’s son in the Mahabharata. When Lord Krishna tricks Drona into believing that his son is dead, the tide of the war really turns in the Pandavas’ favour as the great teacher lays down his arms in anguish. Ashwathama is believed to be alive till date as he has the curse of immortality thrust upon him.


Episode 2 – Halahala


When the Gods and demons were churning the ocean of milk, a variety of wonderful things came out of it. However, Halahala, one of the most dangerous poisons known to mankind was also created. This caused the gods and demons to collapse.


Episode 3 – Atapi Vitapi


Atapi and Vitapi were two demon brothers who had a unique way of killing people. The brothers could transform themselves into any human or animal and also bring the dead back to life. While one brother would transform himself into a goat, the other would invite people over for a meal. Once the guests had eaten the goat, the demon would come back to life and burst out of their bodies, instantly killing them.


Episode 4 – Brahmahatya


A Brahmin is one who belongs to a social class in Hinduism and in the past, would be an expert in sacred texts and ceremonies. Killing a brahmin meant committing Brahmahatya, one of the gravest crimes as set down in ancient books.


Episode 5 – Sarama


Sarama is a deva-shuni who helped Indra retrieve divine cows which were stolen by the Panis, a gang of demons. She is also described in some texts as the mother of all dogs and/or wild animals.


Episode 6 – Pretakalpa


Pretakalpa is that part of the Mahapurana which is usually read when a person dies and details funeral rites and ideas about the afterlife and cycle of life.


Episode 7 – Rudra


Rudra is a god from the Rigvedic times. He is associated with storms and the art of the hunt. Many translations consider him to be the “mightiest of the mighty” and he bears similarities to Lord Shiva.


Episode 8 – Yayati


Yayati is a king in the Puranic texts who was married to the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He was the Chakravartin Samrat but had been cursed by Shukracharya with old age but later exchanges the curse with his son, Puru.

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