5 Reasons Why Sacred Games Is A Proud Moment For India
5 Reasons Why Sacred Games Is A Proud Moment For India

Netflix’s first Indian first Original series ‘Sacred Games’, based on Vikram Chandra’s book by the same name is finally here.

Netflix’s first Indian Original series Sacred Games, based on Vikram Chandra’s book is finally here. Featuring a stellar star cast, excellent directors, and a compelling plot, the show is a story of friendship and betrayal, redemption and violence which is set against the backdrop of Mumbai (then, Bombay). If the rave reviews on social media weren’t enough to get you excited, here are 5 more reasons as to why you should watch all eight episodes now:


The riveting storyline: With the best of Indian talent coming together—Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap, Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte— gear up for a story that comes from the heart of modern-day Mumbai. The series takes you on a thrilling journey with crisply told stories and well-fleshed out characters.



Dialogues: Sacred Games is also available in surround sound creating the same kind of immersive soundfield that you’d experience in a cinema hall. Mumbaikars will find the sounds familiar, while the rest of us have the technology to thank for making that experience real. 


Be the Ganesh Gaitonde (boss) of Your Own Life: With Netflix’s availability across devices, you’ll now be able to watch Sartaj Singh embark on his adventures to save the city, at YOUR convenience. So, next time you get stuck in a traffic jam or just want to cosy up with a cup of chai and pakoras this monsoon while you watch TV, Sacred Games is your go-to show, to binge uninterrupted!



Introducing Sartaj Singh in 4K: Sacred Games is the first Indian television series to be shot on 4K. Chances are you’ll never miss a clue when the chase beings, thanks to 4K stellar screen clarity. With Netflix combining this thrilling story with the latest technology, gear up for a wholly immersive watching experience. So imagine this – a blend of ancient mythology, the taste of modern-day Mumbai and cutting-edge technology to bring it all together.


Local Stories Going Global: We finally have a show like Sacred Games that takes our Indian stories and reproduces them on a global platform. It has been released in 190 countries, breaking all barriers of language and culture. You want to talk about making a mark in the entertainment industry? India is doing just that with Sacred Games, ladies and gentlemen.

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