Sanjay Dutt's Unauthorised Biography May Just Be More Explosive Than 'Sanju'
Sanjay Dutt’s Unauthorised Biography May Just Be More Explosive Than ‘Sanju’

Bollywood isn’t new to stars who tumble down a self-destructive spiral, so why does ‘Sanju’ stand apart?

Bollywood isn’t new to stars who tumble down a self-destructive spiral but what makes Sanjay Dutt (‘Sanju’) stand apart is the fact that he just didn’t seem to give a damn. His devil-may-care attitude, blatant abuse of drugs, much-talked-about relationships and the notorious incident where he shot a gun mindlessly inside his bungalow following the breakup with Tina Munim, have all cemented Dutt’s place in Bollywood history as the ultimate ‘bad boy’.


All the explosive details about his life were on full display in his unauthorised biography, ‘Sanjay Dutt – The Crazy Untold Story Of Bollywood’s Bad Boy’ by Yasser Usman. The tales in Usman’s book are outrageous, to say the least. However, whether anyone believes these tales or not, everyone is bound to agree that they wouldn’t put these shenanigans past Sanjay Dutt.


Take this for example –  in the book, Dutt’s make-up man Manoj says: “Which ordinary man cuts the neck of a monitor lizard (ghorpad) and drinks its blood and then jogs for one hour to sweat out the toxic effect only because Shakti Kapoor challenged him to do so?”


The book also talks about an incident when Dutt allegedly dragged a lecherous man inside his van and tied him up in the nude for an hour. The man had apparently made obscene gestures at Tina Munim, whom Dutt was dating at the time. Additionally, when asked whether he’s ever double-timed on a lover, he proudly said that he was in “three relationships at one point of time”. His ‘advice’ on managing the feat is this: “You need to be clever… one shouldn’t know what is happening with the other.”


Usman has concisely compiled the most explosive details from Dutt’s life, of which there are many. “In an image-obsessed Bollywood, Sanjay stands out as a straight-shooter. And in a PR controlled Bollywood, there simply will never be another Sanjay Dutt, a bad boy who isn’t afraid of what you think of him, of saying what he means and meaning what he says,” Usman says, according to a write-up in the Hindustan Times. Will we get a glimpse of this Sanjay Dutt in Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film, ‘Sanju’? Or will it just be an attempt to rewrite history by whitewashing the unpleasant details?

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