"Everyone Will Die": Game Of Thrones Extra Spills Shocking Deets

The eighth season of Game of Thrones is almost here and our nails have already been bitten to the skin, worrying about the fate of our favourite characters. Will Daenerys win? Will Jon Snow join the Mother of Dragons? Will Cersei claim the throne? Or will the Whitewalker army destroy all we love?


The stars of the show have already hinted that there are a lot of deaths involved but MW has some more dirt for you.



An MW team member was recently on the Game Of Thrones tour in Belfast and turns out, his guide was an extra on the show! The guide has played numerous characters on the hit television saga but while he couldn’t share explicit details, he did drop some hints.


Below, we catalogued all we found out:



  • If you have a favourite character, get a new one. As we said earlier, there are a lot of deaths and this time, it’ll probably be the favourites who are killed off in true RR Martin fashion.




  • There are going to be six episodes – the first two will be 58 minutes long, the third one is set to be an hour long, the fourth is 77 minutes long and the last two will be 80 minutes long.




  • The actor also incited speculation regarding Brienne of Tarth stating that we barely know anything about her despite her being such a crucial figure in the lives of multiple main characters. Will Brienne play a huge role in the eighth season?




  • While the actors and crew members were earlier asked to sign non-disclosure agreements before the beginning of the shoot, this time around, they signed an NDA every single day. Get that.

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