Shamshera Scene Featuring Vaani Kapoor Goes Viral, Find out Why
What Are Fans Saying About The Major ‘Goof-Up’ In ‘Shamshera’?

Shamshera was made on a budget of Rs. 150 crores

Shamshera may have tanked at the box office, but it still remains a topic of discussion amongst the audience. And sadly, not for good reasons. While the cast and the makers of the film kept defending Shamshera’s plot till the end, the audience kept finding the fault in their ‘stars’. A new clip from the film is now going viral, and people are not happy with what they’ve just found out.


The climax of the film shows Vaani Kapoor fighting the bad men with a baby wrapped in her arms. The moment is supposed to be emotional, but many could not help but notice that the baby is not actually a toy, but just a mere cloth wrapped in cloth! Considering that the film was made on a hefty budget of Rs. 150 crores, fans wondered what could’ve led to the budget crunch that disallowed them from renting out a real baby.

Many fans expressed their outrage on Twitter, questioning what led to the major goof-up by YRF. Some quipped how low-budget movies and college-level dramas have easily afforded dummy babies, but Shamshera’s team was strangely unable to do the same. Interestingly, several suggestions were dropped on how the scene could have been played out in the film. 

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Karan Malhotra, who directed the film, addressed the failure of Shamshera in an Instagram post a couple of weeks ago. The director penned an emotional note for his followers, talking about how difficult it was for him to handle the hate and rage that followed after the film’s release. He went on to apologise for being MIA and said that no matter what, the film will always remain majestic for him. 


Talking about Shamshera’s Box Office collection, the film recorded a steep drop of 65% on Monday. The numbers further dropped on its fifth day at the box office, having amassed only ₹2.50 crore. Its total collection now, stands at ₹36 crores. The film was released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Shamshera has now premiered on Amazon Prime Video within two weeks of its theatrical release. 

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