I Don’t Feel Insecure On Sets With Actors, Says Vikram Vedha’s Sharib Hashmi
‘I Don’t Feel Insecure About Working With A Big Star’: ‘Vikram Vedha’ Actor Sharib Hashmi

Hashmi believes his journey has just begun, and is here to stay

Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan’s Vikram Vedha has been released today. While the internet is blowing up with reactions to the movie, we chatted up with actor Sharib Hashmi who plays Babloo in it. Unsurprisingly, his excitement and anxiety levels are at an all-time peak. “I had this kind of excitement when The Family Man was released. I am doing a meaty and crucial character in this film so I am hoping that everyone likes it. It is something else that I have done this time,” says Hashmi.


Hashmi, as a supporting artist, has done quite a few impactful roles lately. But, does he feel insecure or overshadowed when working with actors like Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan? To which, he answers, “I don’t feel insecure because now a lot of things have changed. The terms like a character actor or a hero are fading every day. People just want to work now. And when we talk about these A-list actors, they also respect everyone a lot on the sets. They come fully prepared. They don’t take advantage of their position and show tantrums now. Everyone now wants to give their best. The atmosphere gets better and the other people don’t feel that now that a big actor has come, everyone will ignore us. We all work together.” 


He adds, “I wouldn’t want to call myself a character actor, but would prefer being called just an actor. I feel better that way. Every actor plays a different character only.” 


Hashmi further enthuses how it was “pretty fun” shooting with Roshan and Khan. But, he simply cannot forget what happened to him while they were shooting the song Alcoholiya. He shares, “In this song, Roshan is seen putting his best foot forward as a dancer. But at the end, he pops open a champagne bottle. Now when the bottle opens I am standing right in front of him. The entire fizz fell on me. But they changed it with soap water, so there was soap water on my entire body. My eyes started burning. Well, what can I say to this, so much a person has to do for work.” 

Hashmi also cannot stop thinking about proud his father would be today. The veteran journalist had apparently always dreamed of seeing his son on the big screen. “Generally when people are outsiders they say that this is not the path to be taken. But my father saw something in me and always encouraged me to take up acting. It’s been 22 years that he is no longer with us but I know this for sure that he would have been the happiest to see me here,” he signs off, with an evident streak of despair in his tone.  


 Lead Image: Sharib Hashmi/Instagram

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