Shlok Sharma's 'Two Sisters And A Husband' Is India's Only Entry To Tribeca
Shlok Sharma On ‘Two Sisters And A Husband’ Being India’s Only Entry To Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Such An Honour’

Director Shlok Sharma tells Man’s World that ‘Two Sisters and a Husband’ comes from him wanting to tell stories without any judgements

Shlok Sharma, who made his directorial debut with Haraamkhor starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shweta Tripathi, is gearing up for his next project. Titled Two Sisters And A Husband, the film features Avani Rai, Manya Grover, and Dinker Sharma, and will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. It will premiere in the International Narrative Competition section at the festival. The film is billed as a “messy, twisted and dingy tale of a family gone wrong.” Two Sisters And A Husband also star Himanshu Kohli and Ashutosh Pathak. Shlok has co-written the film with his longtime collaborator and writer Shilpa Srivastava. The Mumbai-based filmmaker said it’s an honour to be a part of a festival “that has celebrated filmmakers on whose films we have literally grown up.”


Shlok adds, “This is the best platform our film could have asked for. My Producer, Navin Shetty and I have dreamt of an opportunity like this. I cannot thank the programmers enough.”



While talking about inspiration to work on Two Sisters And A Husband, the director told Man’s World, “The audience, by large, is becoming more and more receptive to newer and unheard of ideas on celluloid. The kind of stories that inspire and excite me are mostly from around me and the society I have seen and witnessed. I wanted to bring that out. I will continue to tell these stories and showcase characters that connect with me on an emotional level, without holding any judgments.”



The film is produced by Fundamental Pictures along with Navin Shetty. According to the synopsis on the festival’s official website, Two Sisters And A Husband is a “riveting and restrained drama, set in the 1990s against the majestic backdrop of the Himalayas. All that the carefree Amrita (Grover) wants is a life together with Rajat, played by Dinker, with whom she’s in a secret relationship. Even after Rajat is steered into marrying Amrita’s introspective older sister, Tara (Avani), the younger sibling’s love remains undimmed.”


“But when Amrita becomes pregnant by her new brother-in-law, the trio is forced to flee to a mountain town, where Rajat becomes manager of a hotel owned by the last heir of a royal family, Bhed Singh (Himanshu). Tara slips into melancholy, while Amrita passes her due date yet shows no readiness to give birth,” the synopsis read. 


Tribeca Film Festival will be held in New York from June 8th-19th, 2022.


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