Shraddha Kapoor Needs To Retire. Like Yesterday

Is it a wannabe actor? Is it a wannabe dancer? Is it a wannabe singer? No it’s Shraddha Kapoor! 


The daughter of cringe actor/comedian Shakti Kapoor thought that she could pull everything off with that pretty face but you can’t fool eyes like ours. Dear Shraddha, you’ve been miserable in most of your work in the industry and Haseena Parkar seamlessly slots in as another.


The film has on an average garnered a star and a half across leading publications in the country. 


‘She chews more than she talks.’


‘She’s a misfit.’


‘It’s her first real dramatic character and the actress’ limitations are plain visible.’


We didn’t have the balls to watch the film, but these are only a few of the reviews that she has received for her latest attempt at acting. And if you made the wretched choice buy tickets for this dud, you know exactly what we’re talking about.


Even the presence of her brother Siddhanth, who neither has the presence nor the acting capability, couldn’t help rescue this sinking ship of a movie.


There is little wonder how Shraddha’s acting skills have evolved (rather not) in her Bollywood career, but what’s surprising is that her porcelain face has made money for producers. 


But the success of Ek Villain, Aashiqui 2 and the likes won’t last too long if she charts the same trajectory of disastrous performances on the screen. 


And let’s be honest about those claims of versatility. Even a Moaning Myrtle does a better job at singing (Rock On 2) and even cringe dance videos from Indian weddings are more entertaining than her hopeful attempt at dancing in ABCD 2 the better.


So ladies and gentlemen, here is another product of nepotism in front of you who feels that she is entitled to do whatever the hell she wants to on the screen. To that, we will have to tell you Shraddha, please go home and do something you’re good at. Nothing! 

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