Siddhant Chaturvedi Talks About His Association With Ulysse Nardin
Siddhant Chaturvedi’s Rendezvous With Ulysse Nardin

Siddhant Chaturvedi chats up about his association with the brand, his career and more

2022 has been a year of many firsts for Bollywood actor Siddhant Chaturvedi. After many successful releases this year including Gehraiyaan and Bunty Aur Babli 2, Swiss watch manufacturer – Ulysse Nardin also roped in the actor as its brand ambassador for India in May 2022. The actor sat down for a quick, freewheeling chat with MW to talk about his association with the brand, his year in movies, and his plans ahead. Excerpts:


Your last film was a great success. What egged you on to sign up for a horror comedy?


It was very freaky just like the watch. It was quite exciting and I am quite a huge fan of the genre. Comedy and horror are two things that really excite me as a viewer, and the audience probably never imagined me in such a role. They’ve always expected to see me in a serious or romantic role, but they don’t know that I have grown up binging on horror comedies! I was always looking for that one opportunity and then this film came by.


2022 has been a crazy year for everyone. What were some of the highlight moments for you?


February was a highlight month for me because that is when Gehraiyaan was released. After this, I also signed up with Ulysse Nardin. You can see me wearing the brand’s watch all the time in the movie. I also shot for my action film, which was again path-breaking. I always want to explore and push my limits so this was a new chapter. Also, I shot for Kho Gaye Hum Kahan. So my body of work has been the highlight of the year.


You have worked with two generations of actresses including Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukerji, Ananya Panday, and Katrina Kaif. How was it working with them?


There is a lot of difference in a good way. The younger lot is keener on exploring and the actors who have been working for a while have more experience. I am just learning from them. I am in a very good space where I am smartly trying to get the best of everything and make it mine.



Coming to Ulysse Nardin, what is the one feature that you love the most?


I am an actor, I love art. I am an artist, I love poetry. Art is very important to me and I feel that this brand has inculcated that in its very origin. The history that they have — 176 years of stories — is what excites me the most. The design is so smooth and beautiful that it really stands out to me. Also, I like to explore and not stick to the usual, which I think the brand also pushes forward.


What would your go-to outfit for a red-carpet event be?


My go-to outfit for a red-carpet event would be something that sets me apart. I like to stand out but also blend in. So, it’s a very sweet mix of trying something new but at the same time trying not too hard. Accessories are a very important part of an attire, so I will always opt for a good pair of shoes and a watch.


What are we likely to find plenty of in your wardrobe?


You will find some shorts, some t-shirts, and baggy denims. Basically, anything which is easy and which is on the go. And a lot of watches, of course.


One Ulysse Nardin watch that you think is your favorite?


The Freak X is my favorite. I think when I first signed up with the brand, this was the first watch that caught my eye. When I was reading about the brand, it is also one of the lightest, most purchased watches and most desired watches, and I know why.



What is the story behind you becoming the brand ambassador for Ulysse Nardin and what made you say yes?


What resonated with me was the history, the culture, and the art that involves in the making. It’s independent and they are not trying to be a certain way. There’s an art and I am here to be the commerce for it. As an actor, I choose characters that are dynamic and have a range. I chose aspiration, to raise the bar for myself and explore and this is what Ulysse Nardin stands for.



What are the top three things that make the brand stand apart?


Firstly, I think there is nothing that is coming close to what Ulysse Nardin does. Also, the rich history is a story in itself, that is something no one can take away from them. It is authentic so you feel like collecting and preserving it. The design goes with any outfit you wear which is so good.


Coming to your poems, are you looking at pursuing writing in the future?


In today’s day and age, there are two things that actors can do to stay relevant. One is to get papped and the other is to hone their skills and talent. I feel I need to connect with my audience by not just showing my face but giving a lot more than that. To just stay in touch with them, I put out my thoughts on social media. I don’t intend to be a writer. If anything, I might just write a script but that’s not a strict decision.


Your friendship with Ishaan Khatter is amazing. Can two actors be really good friends, contrary to the notion that they cannot?


If you can rise above insecurities, agents, and what people feed to you, then why not. I think two actors can be very good friends. You just need to be connected on a higher level. We both share the same taste in cinema, food, and other things so we really connect. We have a good time together and he keeps me inspired, so why not.

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