Sonam Kapoor On How Men Should Dress
Sonam Kapoor On How Men Should Dress

Let us take a quick look at Sonam Kapoor’s rules of style and how men can look good with a few essential tips and tricks.


Sonam Kapoor talks about how men can dress well and look good with a few essential tips and tricks.




# The easiest way to learn how to stay in style is to go online. There are several interesting online fashion sites that will tell you what’s in and what’s out, or what you can team with your red pants or your denim jacket. There are also some nice blogs that will tell you what people are wearing.




# The sexiest look is that of a slouchy blazer over nice pants, and with a buttoned-up shirt and rolled-up sleeves.




# If you are looking at wearing a daring trend, like leather, wear it in a classic silhouette, like a sleek, slim jacket.




# Dress for your body, always. And, this is true not just for women but also for men. If you have weight around your waist, avoid slimmer silhouettes and opt for wide-legged pants.




# Buy a suit for its refined tailoring. My favourite suit brands are Tom Ford or Holt Renfrew, who makes custom suits.




# Watches make a man. So make sure yours is the best. I love watches from the Karl Lagerfeld’s collection – very bold and with the times.




# It is a challenge to dress well and look good, which is why it is important to fall back on good products and good brands.




# Fitted as a silhouette is good, snug is okay, but tight is sacrilege.




# Don’t overcomplicate. Women aren’t the only ones who suffer from this malaise. A lot of men do too. It is easy to get carried away and add too many elements to a look. Are you wearing multiple patterns? Should you wear a simpler shirt with your coloured denim pants?

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