Sunny Leone On Her Journey: ‘I Kept Working With Good, Bad, And Ugly, It Shaped Me Into Who I Am Today’
Sunny Leone On Her Journey: ‘I Kept Working With Good, Bad, And Ugly, It Shaped Me Into Who I Am Today’

Sunny Leone on her new series Anamika, evolving as an actor, her journey, and more.

She is bold, beautiful, and brave. Karenjit Kaur Vohra, aka Sunny Leone, started a new chapter in her career in 2011 with her entry into Bigg Boss. An adult actor, her transition to Bollywood has not been easy, but with her graceful response to prejudice, she managed to charm people. Being a go-getter complemented with patience, and consistency are the things that define her today. Man’s World caught up with her for an exclusive chat about her recent show Anamika, streaming on MX Player. The conversation then steered into her journey, ups, and downs, evolving as an actor, and more. Here are some excerpts from the interview:


What attracted you to the character?

I got to play a secret agent.  The mystery, the action, and all of it put together is something I enjoy watching. So, to be able to shoot a show like this was like a dream.

Did you get formal training to get into your character for this show?

Yes, I have got some training in the past, a long time ago. I have completed training in firing and did things in the past in bits and pieces. But this is the first time I was working so extensively with guns, firing, and action scenes. It was so much fun playing Anamika and being an awesome agent who goes rogue.

How did the show come to you?


I think the bigger thing here is that after so many years you evolve. After each year, after each film or show, you naturally evolve. This story of Anamika came to me and all the puzzle pieces fit together, and I was able to shoot this show. There are also a few projects that are coming out soon. This is different from what people have seen me do before and the characters I have played. I am excited to see how people will react because this is not something they are expecting. Having said that, sometimes, people will like what you do, sometimes they won’t, but as an actor, I want to keep doing different things and prove what I’ve got. Your one project doesn’t define you; you should keep working, and try different things.

What has been a turning point in your life?

I think for everybody who works in entertainment, everything changes every year. We evolve, we want to do different characters, work with different producers, and do different films. For me, the turning point would be shooting a song with Shah Rukh Khan (Laila – the special number in Raees) which was pretty amazing, Baby doll was great. I just kept working with the good, the bad, and the ugly, and all of it is what shaped me into who I am today. 

How has your journey been up until now?


My journey till now has been amazing. There have been a lot of negativities, a lot of hurdles, and a lot of blocks. But I am just trying to find my path, through it realizing that with negativity there comes something new as well. Also, different opportunities come out of the things that happen. We have to let go of the negative part. Some people might like it, some might not, but I have been lucky that many people like me, and they have been appreciating my work.  

What were your takeaways from Anamika?

My takeaway from Anamika is more about being nurtured as an artist by Vikram sir and being able to work on a story that I felt was amazing. I learned about work and so many new things. I am very happy that I got to play this character. 

How have you evolved as an actor?

I think we all evolve every single day based on our experiences, mistakes, based on good things that happen to us. I do believe that these last couple of years have offered so many roles that I am proud of and were able to turn the page and work on so many different things.

What kind of roles you would want to play in the future?

I would love to work on more action films or shows. I thoroughly enjoy it and find it so exciting. If I could do more of that, I will be so happy.


A role that you want to do in the future – I would love to be a superhero.

A series/film you want to be a part of – I would love to be Sassenach from Outlander, just so I can work with Sam.

Any advice you’d want to give to your younger self – Keep doing exactly what you want and never change

One word when I say:

Love – Daniel

Kids – Noah, Asher, Nisha

Anamika – Fierce

Bollywood – Dream

What is that one thing you splurge on – It would be diamonds. Because they are my best friends.

One thing you’d never do in life – I never want to go bungee jumping. I have no interest in this or learning how to drive a motorcycle.

What’s next – So many things! My cosmetic line, Starstruck. I am working on many films and shows. Look forward to you being a part of my journey.

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