The Horizon TV Series Is Happening And We Have The Details
The Horizon TV Series Is Happening And We Have The Details

We’re also looking forward to the God Of War and Last Of Us TV adaptations

We’ve known for a while that Netflix has been quietly working on a live-action adaptation of Horizon Zero Down. Now, further leaks have emerged, giving us clues on what the project might look like. Reputed gaming journalist, Jeff Grubb recently released a list of names, which could be attached to the show. 


These were posted on the Directors Guild of Canada Ontario’s website and included names like, Assistant Director, Jack Boem (The Boys, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City) and Art Director Michele Brady (The Expanse, Saw 2) being recruited for the adaptation. 

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Additionally, Grubb also claims that the show might be called ‘Horizon 2074,’ and will be set across two timelines. For reference, both the Horizon Zero Dawn and 2021’s Horizon Forbidden West video games are set 1,000 years after the fall of mankind. 


In a video for Giant Bomb, Grubb was quoted as saying “The show as pitched right now is called Horizon 2074 and it will split its time between the timeline you see in the games and the timeline of when things begin to fall.”

Further adding, “The idea is that this is not a reboot or a remake or sort of a reimagining of the game’s storyline. It will take place parallel and sort of explaining other elements that happened in the game[sic].”

Sony initially announced that a TV adaptation of Horizon was in the works back in May. However, the streaming giant is yet to give us any clarity on when we might actually see it in flesh.  

Ever since its debut, the Horizon video game series has received both commercial and critical acclaim. Set in post-apocalyptic United States, robotic creatures by the name of Machines roam free. You play as a young hunter named Aloy, who’s on a journey, uncovering the past and seeking answers. 

Netflix isn’t the only big platform working on a popular video game adaptation. HBO, too, recently wrapped up the filming of Last Of Us, while Amazon Prime Video has been working on a God Of War TV adaptation. Things are looking good! 

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