The 'Back to the Future' hoverboard is here
The ‘Back to the Future’ hoverboard is here

Lexus has turned the fantasy skateboard into a reality

Remember Marty McFly’s funky hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II ? Then you must remember pining for it, long past your teen years. Lexus has finally decided to fulfill every 80’s kid’s wish by turning the legendary hoverboard into a reality.


The board is a fully functional prototype that works much like a maglev train does, using superconductors and magnets which work against gravity and keep the board and the rider above the surface the board is treading upon, including water.

The board was put through its paces by several professional skateboarders including Ross McGouran who found its seamless momentum a bit tricky, as evidenced in this highly realistic video put together by Lexus – Toyota’s performance and luxury car division. The steam pouring out of the board’s midriff isn’t there for pure visual appeal – its liquid nitrogen cooling the superconductors to -321 degrees – the temperature required to keep the board airborne.


There is however, a catch. The hoverboard only hovers above metallic surfaces, so it would be pretty useless in a regular skate park, unless the ramps have a metallic lining underneath them which they probably aren’t going to anytime soon. However, it is still a hoverboard, and riding one seems like quite a novel sensation, and not something that one will grow out of anytime soon.

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