The latest Mission Impossible movie is a dazzling Bimmerfest
The latest Mission Impossible movie is a dazzling Bimmerfest

Tom Cruise has once again managed to get his hands on some fine machines

Ethan Hunt is quite discerning when it comes to the cars he drives. Executing impossible missions with ridiculous ease requires one to have the best team, the best equipment and the fastest cars. BMW decided to lend a hand, just like they did with the previous installment of the franchise and give Tom Cruise the sensational BMW M3 which he can thrash around, pulling a mean handbrake turn to take out baddies riding BMW S1000RRs. Some of their biggest and fanciest rides can be seen as the Hunt’s team is seen hopping across the hottest destinations. Things don’t seem too hard for the disavowed group since a BMW 7-Series, 6-Series convertible etc can be seen in the picture


Hunt himself pilots the S1000RR – once the fastest production bike in the world, performing insane lean angles in authentic Tom Cruise style (ones we won’t won’t recommend you trying without serious protective gear).


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