The new documentary on Cristiano Ronaldo appears to be one of the best

The Asif Kapadia executive produced documentary chronicles a year in the life of “the world’s best (groomed) footballer”

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the well-manicured face of modern-day football for the better part of this decade. The man is one of the most powerful sports franchises in the world, largely due to his outstanding talent and partly due to how well he has used his roguish persona to carve out a public image.


This isn’t the first documentary to be made on Ronaldo – his lifestyle has served as fodder for many-a-tabloids over the past few years. But with Academy Award-winning director Asif Kapadia stepping in as Executive Director, the new film, simply titled Ronaldo, appears to go deeper into the life of one of football’s greatest icons. The film chronicles a year in the life of Ronaldo, a year that has seen him earn £17 million and receive the Fifa Ballon d’Or award for the second time in a row.

The film will be distributed by Universal studios, which will undoubtedly find an eager audience from Ronaldo’s 36 million strong fan base on Twitter. Check out the MW cover story on the footballer of the year.

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