The SWAT Kats are set to return

A Kickstarter campaign by the creators to fund a new Swat Kats series is well on its way to achieve the $50,000 goal

Kids of the ’90s could be in for a major throwback with the iconic SWAT Kats cartoon set to return. The creators – a sibling duo named Christian and Yvon Tremblay – have started a Kickstarter campaign to seek funds to revive the popular series featuring vigilantes T-Bone and Razor. who protect Megakat City with their uber cool weapons and machinery.


The new series, titled SWAT Kats Revolution, would release 22 yars after the original. And fans seem thrilled about the prospect, because 450 of them have already contributed $32,000 of the total $50,000 that the Tremblays are seeking. There’s a month left before the campaign comes to a close.


The funding is for a new TV series bible, 3 scripts, character design and concept art, but the Tremblays are also – rather ambitiously – seeking a whopping $1,500,000, which they would use to make a 70-minute film. Those who contribute mightbe lured by the promise of limited editon T-shirts, original artwork signed by the Tremblay brothers and more.

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