The Witcher Trailer Review: Did Netflix Give Away Too Much?
The Witcher Trailer Review: Did Netflix Give Away Too Much?

We finally got the trailer for Witcher Netflix series and it is filled with dark magic. Here’s everything we know so far

Netflix gave us the first glimpse of its Witcher series in a 2-minute action-packed trailer at SDCC ‘19 and the fans cannot stop raving about it.


The trailer opens with Henry Cavill walking with his back facing towards the camera as the narrator says, “I remember hearing stories about the Witchers, Is it true what they say?”


There’s a certain calmness in the first few seconds of the trailer and everything that follows after it is nothing short of a storm.


Here are 5 major moments from The Witcher’s first trailer:




1. Butcher of Blaviken





There are a few shots of Geralt in the trailer donning the same outfit and slashing a bunch of men in the streets. Considering Netflix’s Witcher series is based on The Last Wish it seems highly likely that this sequence is where Geralt earns the nickname – Butcher of Blaviken. 


We also see a clear view of Geralt’s medallion which is completely different from the ones we’ve seen in the Witcher games.




2. The Dryads and Ciri





The trailer also shows us a glimpse of Ciri meeting the Dryads. What’s important about this sequence is that it’s also when Ciri meets Geralt for the first time. 


In the later half of the trailer, we see the same scene from an over the shoulder shot. Could it be Geralt? Only time will tell.




3. Ciri’s Desert Vision





We see Ciri stranded in a desert with a magical tree in front of her. This looks like a sequence from the Time of Contempt, the second book in the Witcher series. Although, it could also be a new addition to the story as the scene has a dreamy vibe to it.




4. The Invasion of Cintra





This sequence in the trailer possibly looks like a part of The First Northern War that happened in 1262 and resulted in Nilfgaardians taking over Cintra. The armored woman in the battle sequence looks like Queen Calanthe. There are also shots of Nilfgaardian army slaughtering the people on the streets, hinting at the complete invasion of Cintra.




5. Triss Merigold





That’s all life is to you – monsters and money? Is what Triss Merigold, the legendary Temerian sorceress asks Geralt of Rivia in the trailer. Triss is one of the most important characters in the Witcher story and is also someone who truly loves Geralt.




6. Yennefer’s Transformation





We see multiple shots of Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, from when she’s a hunchback to her transformation. Which means we’ll possibly be seeing Yennefer’s complete backstory in the first season as compared to its brief mention in the book the show’s getting adapted from – The Last Wish.




7. Geralt Using Potion





Towards the end, we also get a look at Geralt’s potion face as he’s minutes away from possibly slashing a Arachas or a Kikimora. For those who don’t know, it’s a common practice for Witchers to use potions when they fight monsters. The potion’s toxicity is the reason why Henry Cavill’s face looks the way it does in this sequence.


Apart from these, the trailer also features shots of Geralt fighting a Striga, Isle of Thanedd, Urcheon of Erlenwald, Pavetta and mostly importantly Geralt’s true companion – Roach.


Throughout the trailer, it is emphasized that, “Worst monsters are the ones we create”. Which gives me a feeling that the first season will focus more on the internal struggles of the main characters rather than giving us that one badass villain.


Overall, the production quality of the show looks brilliant and I can’t wait to see how the first season plays out!



Watch the first official trailer of Netflix’s The Witcher in all its glory below.




Do you think Netflix gave too much away in its first trailer of The Witcher or is it just perfect to build up the hype?


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