#ThrowbackThursday: Ashmit Patel’s Most Sensational Controversies
#ThrowbackThursday: Ashmit Patel’s Most Sensational Controversies

We thought that Ashmit Patel is too much of a character to be forgotten.

In case you didn’t know, Ashmit Patel is back. He’ll be seen in this week’s release Nirdosh which also stars Arbaaz Khan and Manjari Fadnis. While the movie claims to be India’s first suspect thriller, we’ll admit we are not going to risk our brains considering the reputation of the actors featuring in it.


That said, we thought that Ashmit Patel is too much of a character to be forgotten. So let’s take a look at his most sensational controversies.

MMS Scandal


The MMS which saw Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen, went viral back in the day. And both actors were subjected to a lot of ridicule. Riya Sen though denied the authenticity of the video. “Had it been real, I would have sent him to jail long back,” Riya Sen told HT City.


Ashmit Patel starrer Nazar had run into controversy for featuring Pakistani actress Meera, who had a kissing scene in the movie. The move was not well appreciated by the Pakistani government, which allegedly imposed a fine on the actress.


Bigg Boss — Veena Malik

Ashmit Patel was part of Bigg Boss, and over there, we saw romance brewing between him and Veena Malik. However, their relationship was not without its share of drama or controversies. “During the filming of Supermodel (a film they starred in together), Ashmit and I didn’t talk at all. We only spoke again after we started promoting the film. We’ve had our phases, up and downs. Everyone goes through that. It’s all part of being great friends,” Veena said in an interview with India Today.


He Even Made A Song About The MMS Scandal

If his films weren’t enough of a torture to our senses, Ashmit decided to make a rap song as well, with some controversial lyrics about the MMS scandal. “A leaked MMS and disgrace, slapped on my face. No I didn’t do it, but I paid the price for it, Broken ties, faith and trust, made me feel like shit. Family relationships turned bitter overnight, I swear I tried to save it, with all my might. Flop filmein, rukawatein, baitha tha bekaar, Na kaam, na cash, na kismat mere yaar,” is what Amisha Patel’s brother sang.


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