The 'Race 3' Trailer Is Proof Salman Needs Stop Playing The Same Roles
The ‘Race 3’ Trailer Is Proof Salman Needs Stop Playing The Same Roles

The fact that this film has been made in 2018 beggars belief

At no point during the Race 3 trailer do you ever really feel fully convinced. You don’t feel convinced by the actors’ photoshopped bodies, by a sixty-one year old Anil Kapoor trying to be intimidating, by Jacqueline’s attempt to play a Bond girl, or by the rather nonsensical slides which read “You don’t need enemies… when you have a family.” What does that mean? When do you need enemies? Isn’t it worse to have enemies if you don’t have family?


It is a little stereotyped to call out Salman for playing roles he is far too old for at 52, but it is so painfully obvious at this point that you genuinely begin to wonder how consenting adults have put this project together. His face is puffy and yet still somehow clings hard to the bone, and apart from imitators, he may be the only person in the country who still has the haircut. Like Jacqueline, he falls significantly short of successfully capturing the Bond aesthetic, especially in the shot of him in an all-black three-piece tuxedo, which honestly just looks clumsy on him. 


The low point of the trailer is Daisy Shah extravagantly slicing a slit into her dress with a knife so her legs have more room to fight the bad guys with. It’s meant to come off as a combination of being sexy and badass, but it falls short on both counts. It immediately makes you think about the practicality of the move, which isn’t really there, and I find it hard to believe that a quick shot of a thigh gets anybody’s heart racing anymore. 





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